The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift

Unique globes that capture the beauty of the planet

The Earth is in your hands

Here at MOVA®, our goal is to inspire people to take a moment and appreciate our planet. Our eye-catching globes are designed to do just that - they rotate continuously on their own, bringing the Earth to life.

How do they work?

  • Sustainable Design
  • Assembly
  • Graphics

The globes are made up of two parts: a sphere turning inside of an outer sphere. This creates an illusion of one globe moving, just like the Earth itself.

Standout Features

Turns continuously, even in your hands.

No batteries, wires, or power cords needed.

Rotates in any light, including indoor and solar.

Handmade with recyclable materials.

Why They Make Great Gifts

Give Them the World

If you want to give a gift that inspires love for the planet, look no further. It's easy to get lost for hours in the soothing motion and appreciate what our planet has to offer.

Keep the Earth in Mind

Our products are designed to be sustainable, gathering their energy from the natural forces on our planet. With no extra frills or power needed, this a gift that you can feel good about giving.

Best Selling Designs

Celebrate the Earth with our most popular designs.

The Earth as seen from space, complete with clouds.

A relief map  with topography, ocean depths, and currents.

A more simple view of our planet and its natural features.

Watch the earth turn and float inside a clear, modern cube.

A satellite image of Earth with sharp, gold accents.

A classic globe design showcasing the countries of the world.

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