The Science of the Perfect Gift

Unique decorative globes designed to delight and impress.

Give the Most Unique Globe

Here at MOVA, our goal is to create gifts that truly stand out. MOVA Creations are decorative globes that turn on their own as if by magic. Just place them in light and watch them go. Easy to gift, easy to use, and sure to captivate, this is the kind of gift people will be raving about.

How Do The Globes Work?

  • Solar Energy
  • Optical Illusion
  • Magnets
  • Graphics

Advanced solar cells are hidden beneath the globes' graphics. Although they are solar, any kind of ambient light will work. No batteries or wires required. Like people, the globes move whenever the lights are on and rest when the lights are off. 

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Why Are They The Perfect Gift?

Leave an Impression

If you want to create that "wow" moment, look no further. Unique designs, sharp details, magical motion, and patented technology result in a one-of-a-kind gift your loved one will never expect.

Keep the Earth in Mind

Inside each globe, solar cells and magnetic elements work together to create a fully sustainable motion that's soothing and inspiring. Our products are also handcrafted and made with recyclable materials. This a gift that you can feel good about.

Start Conversations

Why have static globes and still decor items when you can have moving ones? The movement will capture attention and be the focal point of any room. With designs including world maps, planets, and artworks, the possibilities for decorating are endless.

Give A Gift they Deserve

Our products have won coveted awards like Giftware Association's Luxury Gift of the Year in 2015 for their originality and design. There are many gift options out there, but MOVA Creations are you to go above and beyond.

Meet Our Creations

Imagine the possibilities through our three innovative product lines.

Best-selling line with many sizes and designs. A twist on the classic globe.

An innovative globe that floats and turns in a cube. 

Our most compact, lightweight globes with striking artworks.

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