Blue with Relief Map MOVA® Cube


Our classic blue relief map is re-imagined and revitalized with the cube’s geometric shape and mesmerizing movement.

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Product Description

The Blue with Relief Map MOVA Cube re-imagines and revitalizes one of our classic designs with the magnificent new technology of this MOVA line. The unique visual and geographic features that define our planet Earth are given a new dimension of experience with the cube’s geometric shape, mesmerizing movement and decorative possibilities, making it one fascinating object of science.

Icon Honors 2015 – Product Innovation Finalist
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Weight 8 lbs


  1. Roger Ryan

    I spotted this in Japan in Oct 2016 and wanted to buy it on the spot but my wife said no! Little did I know she was passing on the details to friends who were able to purchase for my 60th Birthday in Feb 2017. It is truely wonderful and an ageless design that will provide both pleasure and information for many years. In Australia the only reseller was Peter’s of Kensington.

  2. Craig Pankiewicz

    I absolutely love it! I bought one at Dillards in Phoenix AZ. USA. I was 2016 Christmas shopping and passed by the mens innovative gadget display area and did a double take. I thought… WTF is that! That’s just crazy. I went back after Christmas and bought one for myself at a bit of a discounted price. Worth every penny even at full price. If you like looking at or for unusual things in nature or the night sky you’ve got to have one! I read and understand the science of how it works but its still just crazy to look. I obviously love viewing “crazy” things and places. If you can afford to park a few hundred dollars on a shelf I strongly urge you to get one. You will not be disappointed… I would like to prop it up a bit. Does anyone know if you can purchase a stand of some sort for the cube and not the ones advertised on this site. They seem to read and appear to be for these round products. Thanks MOVA!

  3. Andy

    I don’t have one, yet. But just by looking at the pictures and videos here on the site, the north/south hemisphere look quite misaligned. It’s very jarring and something I wouldn’t expect in such an expensive product. Is it normal?

    • Tony

      Hi Andy. Thank you for pointing this out. Each of our globes is assembled by hand. We try our best to perfectly align each graphic during production. However, it is not always a perfect process and there could be up to a 3mm misalignment. It looks like this particular sample used in the photos and videos on this page has it more pronounced than normal. If you receive a globe and are not happy with the alignment, we do offer exchanges.

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