Blue with Relief Map MOVA® Globe

The unique features of our planet are showcased in a palette of dark green and brown colors highlighting the diverse landscapes including changes in elevation and the flow of ocean currents.


Product Description

The classic Blue with Relief Map MOVA Globe details the unique features of our planet Earth to provide both compelling knowledge and compelling design. A palette of dark green and brown colors highlights the diverse landscapes covering Earth’s landmasses while a gradient of blue shades and directional arrows indicates changes in elevation and the flow of ocean currents.

The globe comes packaged with your choice of base (select globe size and base combo from above images). Pick from our 3-pronged acrylic base, square, arched and cobra wood bases, and crystal bases to distinctly display your MOVA Globe.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Size and Base

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  1. Lori Kron

    Bought for my husband a couple of years ago. Lasted two years and the water inside started dissipating and it slowed and then stopped working. $135 for a cute desk bauble that when I called about I was offered a nominal discount should I wish to replace. Nope. Pretty but at that price, I’d have liked them to stand by their product.

    • Tony

      Hi Lori. We apologize that there was an issue with your MOVA Globe and appreciate your feedback. We’d just like to clarify the leakage issue you experienced is not a normal occurrence at all with our products. They are designed to last, but the technology is very precise and complex so we back them with a one-year warranty. We also continually find ways to improve the manufacturing process.

  2. Larry Steimle

    I got my 4.5 inch MOVA globe in Sept 2016. It is beautifully made, works perfectly and fascinates me. I understand how it works, but even with my years of engineering experience, how it can be made and sold at such a reasonable price is beyond me. I have purchased three more, including a 6 inch one, and given them as gifts. How long they will last I don’t know, but I am in awe of the inventor and those who manufacture these MOVA globes. (I have not been paid for my review, nor in any way have I been coerced into making this positive review. I’ll let you know if my globe ever fails.)

  3. JFLund

    I purchased the 4.5″ globe several months ago and it is absolutely amazing! It is rare to see such beauty and high technology meet like this. I love it, and it works flawlessly. I am going to purchase an 8.5″ globe for my front room and another 4.5″ globe for my daughter’s 5th grade elementary school class. I know they will love it too.

  4. Victor Kline

    i bought my globe at least 8 or 9 years ago at the Bellagio in las Vegas. It hasn’t stopped working once.
    (but I have..I’m retired now ..haha) of all the gifts to myself I truly “absotively ” love it. After 3 years i sold my Aston Martin DB9 and 4 other cars..I love my “toys” but honestly…this item is really fun !
    Thank you to the person that took the time and energy to invent this….it isn’t expensive but it every time i see it spinning I smile..

  5. Klaus Ziebal

    In August of this year we spent our holiday in San Francisco (again) and also visited Sausalito because of the nice Christmas shop we found there during our first visit. But the shop moved and so the first thing we found was the shop with these MOVA Globes in the store window. We were fascinated by them at once and finally took the blue one with relief map MOVA globe. I hope it will always work, it’s simply a highlight in every room or on every desk! Great thing.

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