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Fish Eye View Termesphere MOVA Globe is a signed and numbered limited edition globe from artist Dick Termes. The unorthodox ultra wide-angle design was painted from the perspective of the fish inside the bowl, providing a unique 360 degree hemispherical view of the colorful room depicted in the painting. The globe comes packaged with a 3-pronged acrylic base that accents the eye-catching design and brings life to Terme’s beautiful spherical artwork.

Termespheres by MOVA Globe from MOVA International on Vimeo.

dick termes artist tab imageInspired by the works of M.C. Escher and Buckminster Fuller, Dick Termes became fascinated with creating complete three-dimensional worlds and discovered his holistic approach and vision within spherical surfaces. As part of an artistic journey to capture the “total picture” and explore the intricate structures of what we see, Termes has devised a unique collection of multi-perspective paintings over large spheres hanging in space. Dubbed “Termespheres”, his immersive artworks transform two-dimensional painting into a novel visual experience that explores time and motion. He has explored over 160 spherical surfaces over the past 32 years and is today an internationally acclaimed artist.

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