Jupiter MOVA® Globe

Jupiter is the largest and arguably the most beautiful planet in our solar system. This recreation includes the planet’s characteristic blue and brown bands.


Product Description

Known as the King of Planets, Jupiter is the largest and arguably the most beautiful planet in our solar system. With a diligent recreation that includes the planet’s characteristic blue and brown bands, atmospheric storms, and notable “Great Red Spot”, the Jupiter MOVA Globe is a breathtaking representation of the magnificent gas planet.

The globe comes packaged with your choice of base (select globe size and base combo from above images). Pick from our 3-pronged acrylic base, square, arched and cobra wood bases, and crystal bases to distinctly display your MOVA Globe.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Size and Base

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  1. Jordan

    Great product. It’s fascinating to look at and impressively detailed. I’m looking forward to adding more Planets with the hopes of starting an interesting and timeless collection and display.

  2. Mathew Pitts

    I was lucky enough to get this at an insanely low price, on another web site. It is sitting on my coffee table with my Earth Satellite View With Clouds globe. I also have a NASA 1:200 747, with the shuttle Atlantis on its back, and a 1:200 Air Force One. I even have a Wall-e and an Eve model on my table. I am a space nut and have a large display of NASA items in my living room, with an Apollo 11, Saturn V rocket that is 5 1/2 feet tall. The Jupiter is beautiful, as is my Earth, which is the second Earth I purchased. My original was damaged accidentally by my nephew who dropped it. It developed a large bubble, and Janet with Mova, replaced it for me at a very nominal price with free shipping as well. She was a distinct pleasure to deal with. I have a Mars globe in route which will be here tomorrow, and then I will get the Moon for Christmas. These are absolutely fantastic products. You do not need to do a thing. when the lights are on they rotate, when the lights are off, they don’t. I am so proud of mine, they are favorites in my collection, and a big hit with those who see them for the first time. I look forward to more planets, even after Christmas.

  3. Sherry

    This is my second globe. I couldn’t decide between the Earth with clouds or Jupiter so I purchased both. The colors on the Jupiter globe are brilliant blues and browns that match any decor. This is a great focal point to look at while meditating.

  4. Rusty L. Gehrisch

    I found MOVA Globes accidentally while searching the web for another type of globe and did some research on how they were made and how they worked. Usually, when I purchase something that seems to good to be true, I receive it and it’s junk. But not the Jupiter MOVA Globe. This is one of the most fantastic purchases I have ever made and I am so glad I did it! This is a beautiful piece that sits on my desk while I work and can be a simple stress reliever just by watching this awesome globe rotate. If you are hesitating about buying one of these, stop,and just buy it. You will not be disappointed. From the box it’s shipped in, to the packaging of the globe and other items, this hits a homerun!! These Globes are gorgeous and they will definitely be a talking piece when friends come over.
    I want to thank all the staff at MOVA because any questions or concerns I had, they answered quickly and accurately and left me feeling good about the globe.
    Don’t hesitate. You won’t regret it!

  5. Dr Dan

    Saw a Mova globe on my doctor’s desk but he received it as a gift and didn’t know where to order one. Finally came across it on an Astronomy Magazine site and immediately ordered the Jupiter globe and absolutely love it. It sits on my desk in my office and patients are always fascinated by it. Would highly recommend buying one. You won’t be disappointed

  6. Doug

    I was gifted Mars. I bought Jupiter. As they are a plastic houseplant that never changes, they’re too expensive at their price point. When they download actual images of the planets at this price, that’s when I’ll give them a five.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Doug, Hope you are enjoying Mars and Jupiter. All the images in our Space Collection come straight from NASA and researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  7. Rachel

    My dad bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend and I to add to our apartment. We are obsessed with it! It is so cool to watch it spin, and I could watch for it hours! Everyone that comes over and sees it wants one. We are all so fascinated by it. I highly recommend this! I plan on purchasing other planets as well.

  8. Eli Maor

    This Jupiter globe is simply exquisite! It slowly and majestically rotates around its axis the moment I pull up the window blinds, even if there’s no direct sunlight. What’s more, the piece looks authentically like the real planet; even the famous Red Spot is accurately depicted. The acrylic base has an elegance of its own, with its clean, minimalistic lines. Kudos to whoever designed this beautiful piece of art and science!

  9. Dale Hartman

    This is my third globe and I love them all! Couldn’t wait to watch the Red Spot on Jupiter rotate around to view. Sure this won’t be my last globe, such an awesome product!

  10. Sharon S

    These globes are truly unique and beautiful. I ordered Jupiter after seeing several globes in a co-worker’s office. Our Jupiter is under a skylight and as Eli Maor stated above, “It slowly and majestically rotates….” even on days when the light is not as bright. As a bonus, MOVA’s customer service is top notch. I emailed them because I found a coupon the day after I placed my order… they responded immediately and applied the coupon for me. Thanks, MOVA!!!

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