Satellite View with Gold Lettering MOVA® Globe

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Product Description

The Satellite View with Gold Lettering MOVA Globe is a tantalizing royal blue depiction of the Earth, featuring crisp latitude and longitude lines and ultra sharp text emblazoned in a luxurious gold. The brilliant lines pop against the dark background, emitting an air of refinement and upscale style that’s especially appealing for a men’s gift. The globe comes packaged with your choice of base (select globe size and base combo from above images). Pick from our 3-pronged acrylic base, square, arched and cobra wood bases, and crystal bases to distinctly display your MOVA Globe.


  1. Isaac Hutchison

    Beautiful, well made globe. The globe rotates smoothly at the perfect speed, even in very low light.

  2. Jame Mahowald

    Great globe. Works very well, no scuffs of anything in the box. Highly recommended!

  3. Rich

    Very cool. I wonder how it works

  4. Kerri

    We first saw MOVA globes on display at the March Airfield Museum gift shop. My husband thought it was fascinating how it seemed to be floating effortlessly on the base. Since he is very hard to buy gifts for (he’s very particular), I bought him one for Christmas and he was very pleased. These globes are beautiful and make a great gift. I hope to buy one for my own desk someday soon!

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