Saturn MOVA® Globe

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Product Description

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and is the only planet known to be less dense than water. Represented as a globe with lively sunset streaks of orange, red and yellow, the Saturn MOVA Globe is a stunning recreation that appears to float like the low-density planet itself. The globe comes packaged with our 3-pronged acrylic base and is available in a desktop-friendly 4.5″ and striking 6″ size.


  1. Arthur

    It would be awesome if it came with its rings!

  2. Saturn Fan

    They should make an acrylic base with the rings some how attached to it, so the globe sits in the middle of them

    • Elizabeth

      Cool idea!

  3. wes gray

    they could do it adding a light accessory… not easy nor cheap.. but is possible.

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