Sea Life MOVA® Globe

Discover marine animals frolicking around the globe amid tropical scenery, deep blue waters, and a dreamy cotton candy-colored sunset.


Product Description

The Sea Life MOVA Globe is the first-ever MOVA Globe to feature an underwater seascape design. Greatly influenced by the sky and seascapes, Robin Koni is the artist behind this stunning design. Koni’s vivacious design allows you to explore the treasures of the sea in the comfort of your home. Follow the lively tropical marine life through the deep blue sea and cotton candy-colored sky as the globe rotates on its own in ambient light – no batteries or wires needed. The dolphins, orcas, turtles, and fish are sure to wow any animal lover or ocean enthusiast. Pick from our 3-pronged acrylic base, square, arched and cobra wood bases, and crystal bases to distinctly display your MOVA Globe.

Robin Koni Living in a seaside town in Kent, Robin Koni became greatly influenced by the sky and seascapes. After studying Illustration for four years at Medway College of Art and Design, Koni soon began working for the world famous MGL Licensing, where he cultivated his craft and unique style. After coming across Koni’s work, we immediately knew we wanted to work with him. Together, we created the most vibrant and lively MOVA Globe yet.

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